Monday, September 15, 2014

Squares 4 Squares

Finally getting a chance to post all the pieces from my solo show going on now at Gallery 1988. The show was titled "Squares 4 Squares" and featured all square shaped pieces. Show runs til the 20th of September and remaining prints are avaliable on the Gallery's site HERE.

Friday, August 08, 2014

Better late than never...

Been super busy prepping for my first solo show at Gallery 1988 later this month so I've been slacking a bit on keeping up with my blog. Here's a few prints I did that I didn't get a chance to post about.

First up is the Last Crusade, the final part of my Indy Trilogy I did for Acme Archives. Prints are available on their DarkInk site HERE

Crusade: 1989
12"x36" 6-color screenprint on Cougar Natural 100C
Signed and Numbered Edition of 250

© 2014 Lucasfilm Ltd, LLC & tm.

Next was a print I did for Gallery 1988's 30th Anniversary of Ghostbusters. The show travelled to a few cities across the US. My prints should be dropping at a random time, follow their twitter @galleries1988 to find out when.

We're Ready To Believe You
18"x24" 3-color Screenprint on Frenchpaper Pop-Tone Sour Apple

And finally, based off The Hobbit, this was for a private group commission.

Oh, and that solo show I mentioned earlier in the post, here's the show card with all the details. If you live in the LA area, I hope you can check it out. Prints from that will be available on Gallery 1988's site after it opens on the 22nd of August.

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Bidi, Bidi, Bidi, Buck, you're my kind of guy.

Had the pleasure to be asked to create this limited edition poster for the fine folks at Grey Matter Art. I loved this show growing up, Gil Gerard's portrayl of Buck Rogers was a cross between Han Solo and James Bond. Great humor and super cool space battles, this was the Star Wars of TV for me along with the original Battlestar Galatica. Posters go on Sale on their SITE this Tuesday, June 17th at 1:00pm EST. Their is a regular edition and a smaller run of variants that have metallic inks. Here's all the details about the prints below:

Title: Buck Rogers in the 25th Century (regular edition)
18x24 5-color screenprint on Cougar Natural
Edition Size: 130 • Price: $40.00

Title: Buck Rogers in the 25th Century (variant edition)
18x24 5-color screenprint with metallic inks on Bright White
Edition Size: 60 • Price: $45.00

Tuesday, June 03, 2014

Get a Clue...

Since I recieved such a positive response from the Clue poster I did for a screening at the Colonial Theatre back in April, I decided to turn it into a limited edition screenprint. I am doing things a little different with this one as I am selling it as a Pre-Sale since the posters haven't been printed yet. All the details are HERE on my Big Cartel Page. Sale ends this Saturday, June 7th and Edition size will be determined then...

18"x24" 6-colored screenprint on Cougar Natural 100C
Signed and Numbered
Edition TBD

You wouldn't like him when he's angry...

HULK SMASH!!! Here's a look at my latest officially licensed Marvel prints being sold over at Acme Archives Dark Ink site. The regular in everyday green Hulk and a run of variants in classic first apperance Gray Hulk.

Incredible Since 1962
Size: 12"x24"
Medium: 4-color screenprint on Cougar Natural 100 Cover
Edition Size: 250 signed and numbered
Price: $50.00

Incredible Since 1962 (Gray Variant)
Size: 12"x24"
Medium: 4-color screenprint on Cougar Natural 100 Cover
Edition Size:  62 signed and numbered
Price: $50.00

© 2014 MARVEL

Monday, May 05, 2014

These are droids you're looking for...

Here's a look at my officially licensed Star Wars screen print I did for Acme Archives for Star Wars Celebration down in Disney World, prints went on sale yesterday (5/4 to commerate Star Wars day) and are available on there DARK INK site HERE ...

18"x24" 5-color Screenprint on Frenchpaper Pop-Tone Black Licorice 100C
Signed and Numbered Edition of 250

© 2014 Lucasfilm Ltd. LLC & TM.

Thursday, April 17, 2014


This weekend (Friday April 18th thru the 20th) i'll be at Awesomecon at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center in Washington, DC with fellow artist Scott Derby at Booth 437 selling prints and doing sketches. See map below to find us...

I'll also have a brand spanking new print debuting down there too, for all you happy campers...

Thursday, April 03, 2014

A Yankee Doodle, do or die

This is my latest official licensed Marvel print being sold through Acme Archives Dark Ink starting this Friday, April 4th @ 10:30 PDT, just in time for the release of the movie Captain America: the Winter Soldier which I am very excited to see.

Patriotic Since 1941
12"x24" 3-color Screenprint on Cougar Natural 100 C
Signed and Numbered Edition of 250

Tales from Austin...

OK, so this is a little late but I wanted to post the two things I did a few weeks back. First up was the print I got to do for the "Nothing's Impossible" Disney show at Mondo Gallery. I had the opportunity to work on a poster based off the 2011 "Winnie the Pooh" movie, the thing that made this cool was that it was actually the first movie I took my son to see in the theater. It's really a great funny movie.

Winnie the Pooh (2011)
7-color Screenprint on Frenchpaper Construction Tile Green

Prints through the gallery have since sold out, but I do have a few copies left on my Big Cartel shop HERE.

Next up was a poster I got to do to promote the comedy portion of SXSW. The frog wearing the jester cap is sort of their mascot. It was pretty cool to see my art plastered around downtown Austin during the festival...

SXSW Comedy
3-color Screenprint on Frenchpaper Construction Fuse Green

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Activate interlock!...

Dynotherms connected! Infracells up! Mega thrusters are go! LET'S GO VOLTRON FORCE!...

Here's a look at my officially licensed Voltron piece I got to do for the fine folks over at Acidfree GalleryThe print goes on sale on Thursday, January 23, 2014 at 12:30 pm EST! All the details are below... 

Voltron - Our Key to Victory
18"x24"  Giclee Print on Moab Entrada Bright White
150 Numbered Edition • $45.00 
Produced by Acidfree Gallery • Printed by 
Officially Licensed by World Events Productions and Classic Media 

There will also be a limited run of Canvas Editions available too!

Plus 15 random folks who purchase the print will also get a bonus 5"x5" print of the Mighty Space Mouse and one lucky person will get the original sketch I did for the Mighty Space Mouse...

Holiday leftovers...

So with the craziness of the holidays and just getting back from my two-man show last month at Gallery 1988, some things slipped through the cracks and I forgot to post them. Here's a bunch of stuff I missed…

First up, is a look at the next in the Indiana Jones series, The Temple of Doom, officially licensed for Acme Archives Dark Ink.

12"x36" 6-color screenprint on Cougar Natural 100C 
Signed and Numbered Edition of 250 

 © 2013 Lucasfilm Ltd. LLC & ™.

Here's some from Gallery 1988's Crazy 4 Cult and Fairy Tales shows…

12"x18" 3-color screenprint on Cougar Natural
Signed and Numbered edition of 50

12"x18" 5-color screenprint on Cougar Natural 100C
Signed and Numbered edition of 50

Next up is a ocean themed ABC limited edition screenprint I designed for Fifty-Five Hi's. Had a lot of fun working on this, love drawing all these sea critters…

18"x24" 4-color screenprint on extra thick turquoise colored paper
Numbered Edition of 500

I also had the opportunity to again design this years SF Sketchfest poster, which starts this Thursday, January 23rd. Screenprints will be available at the shows and eventually on the Sketchfest site.

18"x24" 3-color screenprint on Frenchpaper Berrylicious 100C
Numbered edition of 100

And last but not least is a photo I found floating around the world wide inter webs of the Well Fed Artist Gallery sign I designed probably over 10 years ago for a sadly now defunct artist co-op gallery in Philly. It was a great place to sell art and hang out with other Philly art folks for First Friday events,  back in the day when I would do original little acrylic paintings…

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Modern Vintage recap & Required Reading

OK, so this past Friday my two-man show with Tom Whalen, Modern Vintage opened at Gallery 1988 East. Had a great time, thanks for everyone that came out to opening. It was great to meet all of you and I appreciate all the kind words and support. Show runs at the gallery till the 22nd of Dec.

Here's a look at the rest of pieces done for the show, If anyone is interested in purchasing you can do it on the gallery's site HERE...

The Game of Thrones
Edition of 50 Signed/Numbered 18"x24" 4-color Screenprint
w/ 4 4"x6" House Game piece cards included

Boo '73
Edition of 50 Signed/Numbered 12"x24" 2-color Screenprint

The Countess '71
Edition of 50 Signed/Numbered 12"x24" 2-color Screenprint

Francine '71
Edition of 50 Signed/Numbered 12"x24" 2-color Screenprint

Live from Fhloston Paradise
Edition of 50 Signed/Numbered 12"x12" 3-color Screenprint

District 10
Edition of 50 Signed/Numbered 9"x12" 3-color Screenprint

M&L's Guide to Home Plumbing
Edition of 55 Signed/Numbered 9"x12" 3-color Screenprint

I also had a piece at Gallery 1988 West Required Reading show that opened the same night, featuring artists take on popular literature. I chose the classic CS Lewis book "The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe". Print's can be purchased HERE.

Always Winter But Never Christmas
Edition of 50 12"x18" 3-color Screenprint